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  • 1. LUPIT POLE | 01/08/2018
Dear Ecole de Pole dance,

Lupit Pole is entering a new phase of expansion, with new products and quality updates, which is why we are searching for new members of the Lupit Pole family.
We would love to work with you and invite you to become a reseller of our brand.

The system is very simple. We can provide all materials outlining of all Lupit Pole products range and the earnings you can make.
Doing bussines with us is easy. We don’t require you to hold stock or have any demanding conditions. But we offer all kind of solid expertise and support that should be expected.

Please e-mail, if you wish that we would continue together your amazing pole journey.

Yours truly,
marine olmedo
  • 2. marine olmedo | 11/06/2018

je voulais savoir si la carte de 12 cours peut-être valable plus longtemps que 4 mois et si elle permet l'accès à tous les cours?


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